Blueberry Lime Refresher in a glass garnished with lime slices and blueberries.
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The Best Blueberry Lime Refresher (Sugar-Free)


Blueberry lime refresher is a quick and easy summer drink that looks fancy and tastes even better. Plus, it’s very easy to make.  Simply add the blueberries and water to a blender, then blend it and mix it with the remaining ingredients. You will have a refreshing blueberry drink thats […]

Air fryer broccoli in a serving bowl.
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Air Fryer Broccoli


Air fryer broccoli is a quick, easy to make side dish that cooks in less than 10 minutes. Plus, you only need 7 ingredients to make this air fryer broccoli recipe. The air fryer broccoli is crisp but tender, and it does not have a mushy texture, so it’s the […]

Sugar-free vanilla syrup in a Mason jar.
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Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup


Sugar-free vanilla syrup is a healthy, easy-to-make syrup that is perfect for coffee. Traditional vanilla syrup is delicious, but it’s often loaded with sugar. This sugar-free syrup is infused with a real vanilla bean, which gives it so much flavor.  Can I Use Vanilla Extract Instead Of Vanilla Syrup In […]

Seafood stuffed cabbage rolls in a bowl.
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Seafood Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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Seafood stuffed cabbage rolls are a delicious twist on an old classic. Instead of stuffing them with a mixture of ground pork and beef, these cabbage rolls are stuffed with shrimp and lobster. They are filling, delicious, and perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day.  Tips For Making Seafood Stuffed […]

Gluten-free waffles on a plate topped with butter.
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Gluten-Free Waffles

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Waffles are a staple breakfast item. However, they are not gluten-free. While you can buy gluten-free waffles at the store, I guarantee these waffles will be better than any frozen waffles you can buy at the store.  What Are Gluten-Free Waffles Made Of? These gluten-free waffles are made with the […]

Sparkling rose poundcake on a plate.
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Sparkling Rosé Pound Cake

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Sparkling rosé pound cake is not your regular old cake. It gets a sophisticated enhancement creating a moist and delicious pound cake. The bubbly sparkling rosé adds so much flavor to the pound cake and the glaze; it is simply irresistible. It is perfect for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner, […]

Gluten-free coffee cake muffins on a cooling rack.
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Gluten-Free Coffee Cake Muffins

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These coffee cake muffins are so addicting. The slightly dense muffin is layered with ‘cinnamon sugar’ and then packed with a sweet, buttery streusel topping. It is a delicious muffin that tastes amazing.  How Do You Make Gluten-Free Muffins Less Dense Unfortunately, gluten-free muffins are prone to having a dense […]