Paleo mango ice cream in a dessert glass.
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Paleo Mango Ice Cream

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Mango season is officially here, so why not celebrate by making this paleo mango ice cream? It is healthy, cold, refreshing, and so delicious. Plus, this paleo mango ice cream recipe only has 3 ingredients, so what are you waiting for?  More Reasons To Love This Mango Ice Cream Recipe  […]

Creamy Italian dressing in a jar with pasta salad in a bowl.
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Creamy Italian Dressing (Sugar-Free)

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Next to ranch, creamy Italian dressing is one of my favorite dressings. It is zesty and tangy and brings a plain old boring salad to life. Plus, this creamy Italian dressing is made in less than 5 minutes.  Simply add the creamy Italian dressing ingredients to a Mason jar or […]

Air fryer broccoli in a serving bowl.
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Air Fryer Broccoli

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Air fryer broccoli is a quick, easy to make side dish that cooks in less than 10 minutes. Plus, you only need 7 ingredients to make this air fryer broccoli recipe. The air fryer broccoli is crisp but tender, and it does not have a mushy texture, so it’s the […]

Gluten-Free maple crunch muffins on a cooling rack.
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Gluten-Free Maple Crunch Muffins

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Maple crunch muffins are one of my favorite muffin recipes. The muffins are light and fluffy and topped with a crispy, crunchy topping.  These moist muffins with a crunchy topping will become one of your favorite gluten-free muffin recipes as soon as you taste it. Trust me they are just that […]

Sugar-free vanilla syrup in a Mason jar.
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Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

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Sugar-free vanilla syrup is a healthy, easy-to-make syrup that is perfect for coffee. A lot of people are weary of sugar-free syrups. But even though traditional vanilla syrup is delicious it is loaded with a ton of sugar. One serving of sugar-free vanilla has 20 grams of sugar. In contrast, […]