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Quinoa-stuffed eggplant on a plate with a knife and fork.
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The Ultimate Quinoa-Stuffed Eggplant

Most people believe eggplants are a vegetable. However, eggplants also known as aubergines are not a vegetable. Eggplants are actually a fruit. This fruit is a staple ingredient in Mediterranean, middle eastern, and Indian cuisines.  Unfortunately, most cuisines prepare eggplant by frying it in a pot of oil. However, the […]

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The Most Delicious Coconut Crusted Salmon Fillets

Coconut crusted salmon fillets are a quick weeknight meal that comes together in a matter of minutes. They are extremely delicious and flavorful. However, before we get to the coconut-crusted salmon fillet recipe, let’s discuss the benefits of salmon. Benefits Of Salmon Salmon is popular because it is delicious. However, […]