Month: November 2021

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Sweet Potatoes Are Sweet But They’re Also Really Healthy

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When most people think about sweet potatoes, they imagine copper-skinned, long potatoes with orange flesh. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that there are more varieties of sweet potatoes. Yes, orange sweet potatoes are not the only sweet potatoes that exist. Sweet potatoes come in several different colors. However, before we […]

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The Best Roasted Vegetable Soup

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This roasted vegetable soup is filled with nutritious vegetables and so darn delicious. Made with a medley of vegetables, it has levels of flavor that give you a hearty, filling, tasty bowl of soup.  Why Roasted Vegetables For Soup? I know what you’re thinking; why roast the vegetables when you […]

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2 Ways Peanut Butter Benefits You

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Peanut butter is produced from roasted peanuts and ground into a paste. It is a staple nut butter is a staple food consumed by many adults and children around the world. Although no one can deny the deliciously addicting taste of peanut butter, many individuals have started to wonder whether […]

Peanut butter cherry granola in a bowl.
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The Best Peanut Butter Cherry Granola

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The simplest foods that require minimal effort are the best foods, and this peanut butter cherry granola is absolutely amazing. Granola is one of my favorite foods. It is literally one of the easiest breakfasts on the planet. Best of all, once the peanut butter cherry granola is prepared, there’s […]

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How To Make Roasted Red Peppers

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Ever made a recipe that called for an ingredient you rarely purchase? It’s so frustrating! Roasted red peppers are an ingredient I rarely have on hand. No one can deny that roasting red peppers intensifies their sweet flavor and gives them a beautifully charred smoky flavor. However, store-bought roasted red […]